Beauty Unrecognized

Sometimes I wonder whether we should tell people about their beauty.

We women spend alot of time getting it together in the morning just to be able to leave the house with confidence. (side note: We completely erase our face and then paint it on again, squeeze ourselves into incredibly uncomfortable undergarments to smooth out our natural body shape and paste, prod and overheat our hair to make it into a desirable shape. It’s exhausting.)

Once I was in a glass elevator and in the next elevator over, also glass, was a woman and man. She was obviously the mother of the bride and dressed beautifully. I motioned to her that she looked great and she mouthed “Thank you!” It made me realize how much like my mother I am. I am blunt and obvious and when there is any chance of giving a compliment, I don’t think about consequences, I just blurt it out.

A woman came into the store the other day and she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She seemed a little insecure. She placed an order and then came back several days later to pick it up and I had all that time to wonder whether I should blurt out that she was just gorgeous. My sister works with me and she didn’t even hesitate. “You are so beautiful. I just thought you should know.” I wonder if she thought we were crazy. Does it matter? Even if it gave her the littlest boost of confidence and a small incite into how all that work she must put into putting herself together in the morning is paying off, was it worth it?