Abby Golf!!!

This afternoon I was practicing a few golf swings in our backyard, and Abby wanted to join in the fun. I could hardly contain my joy while watching Abby swing a golf club with her own style and flare. I kept telling her to keep her eye on the ball, the only problem was that her hair was getting in the way. After several more attempts of trying to hit the ball, I finally put her hair up in a pony tail.  I love to hear her excitement when she hits the ball. That is what makes sports fun to teach my children.

She actually was doing quite well for a 3 year old. Who is now five. Who knows? We may have the next Annika Sorenstam on our hands!!! I will be happy just passing on to my girls a knowledge and love of sports.

I am looking forward to spending  many more afternoons together hacking at golf balls, and attempting to teach them the ins and outs of sports.


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