Bell Tower from the Venitian Hotel

Here are four Versions of the replica Bell Tower from St. Marks Square.

venitian tower flat
Original Picture
venitian tower black n white flat
Black n White
venitian tower hdr flat
venitian tower as fresco flat

My Senior in High School I took a History trip to Italy. We spent 10 days traveling through Italy and  really enjoyed my time in Venice. I fell in love with St. Mark’s square and really want to return with my wife one day.

2 thoughts on “Bell Tower from the Venitian Hotel”

  1. Thanks for liking my blog! I’ve enjoyed viewing your photos, and I especially like these. My father is an architect, so I’ve seen a few buildings–and pictures of them–over the years. Sharing creative work is like sharing part of your soul, and it takes courage and confidence. Props to you for creating this blog and putting yourself out there.

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