March Madness

March madness is upon us, and I along with millions of others have filled out their brackets. Millions of experienced college basketball watchers, those who follow their local team (go Griz), or those who don’t follow at all. These millions are either in office or family pools trying to win a few extra bucks or family bragging rights by,  prognosticating  the NCAA tournament winner.  Some will agonize over the match ups trying to predict what David will take out Goliath, some will select their winners by either school colors, or where the school’s mascot ranks on the food chain. The bracket is filled out and we wait in anticipation to see how you stack up against those in your pool. Millions will watch college basketball over the next few weekends. They will all share in the emotional roller coaster, one moment they will be riding high, and the next wanting to tear their bracket to shreds.

Enjoy this time of madness and may all your predictions be correct!