I am my Father

I remember clearly stating that I will never become my parents. I have to remember to never say never. Because today I had an I am my father moment. When ever our family was on vacation my father loved to take pictures of EVERYTHING. Whenever he saw something worth while he would stop on the side of the road, reach down and grab his camera and take the shot. Sometimes he would just roll down the window to take the picture. Of course he was just stopping and taking in the moment. As a young lad I didn’t get it, and I  would get rather annoyed  because I just wanted to get to where we were going without all the stops. As I have aged I totally get it now. Anyway, while enjoying a get away from our kids moment. My wife and I were driving around and I just had to stop the car and grab my camera roll down the window and take a picture. The moment I did it I stated to my wife that I am my father…

5 thoughts on “I am my Father”

  1. There is nothing we can do–it is going to happen–either at random moments, or we just morph into them completely–but we will all be our parents at some time or another. Don’t you just hate it?!!

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