Imagination vs. Toys

My wife and I have come to the realization that we should stop buying our girls toys (OK maybe not). The toys they currently have get played with, but they are often just in the corner of the play room collecting dust. We have already divided up their toys into thirds, and when we bust out a new box the toys get immediately get played with and than cast of to the side. It feels like we are in Toy Story with the toys being put into a graveyard. All in favor for their BIG imaginations.  These little girls are more entertained with bubble wrap, card board boxes, using their fingers as people and galloping around our house on imaginary horses. The other morning Abby wanted a skateboard, of course I’m not going to rush out and buy one for her. So, I cut a side off a cardboard box and gave it to her. Obviously Cate wanted to follow suit, so I did the same. The following video is 30 seconds of fun they had together pretending to skateboard and snowboard in our kitchen.

I guess our girls come by it honestly. I would pull out my giant box of crayons and use them to play war. I would divide up the crayons by colors and have them as different army units.  My mom would have to tell me to be quiet while she was taking her nap. I get that so much more now…


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