Herding Cats…

I often feel like I’m herding cats when I’m out running errands with our girls. The second I enter any store the girls are off in two different directions investigating as many shiny things as possible.

Yesterday, we were picking up a prescription for mommy at Walgreens. I had them mostly contained, until the make-up aisles. I was leading the pack and from behind me I hear “ooh’s” and “aww’s” and “that’s sparkly.” I turn around and I see the girls touching everything, and trying to paint themselves with mascara pencils. They wanted to examine all the colors of nail polish, and even wanted fake eyelashes. I had to explain to Abby that she already has long eyelashes and she doesn’t need those. For the next ten minutes I’m standing there trying to get the girls to leave the store, and each time I get their attention they find something new to be distracted by.

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