Cindy Livingstone Ministries® Revivalist


As I sat upon the rock in God’s garden; everything glistened as gold, 

I could hear the Lord speaking to me and this is what he foretold.

He said there is a man whom I love dearly and I am entrusting your spirit to his care, 

He has patience, courage and great kindness; I know this challenge he can bare.

He has my knowledge, wisdom and unconditional love; for my Spirit dwells in his heart, 

He will lead you, strengthen you and refine you, into my work of Art.

He is like the Heavenly Father, but on the earthly plane,

He will teach you of my truth; His words are not spoken in vain.

He may at times correct you; for he is representing the Lord,

He only wants what is right for you according to the word.

He is your Spiritual Father sent from heaven above,

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