Man Blogs: Craft time

Alright, I’m not one to be all artsy f artsy, but Callie is in the process of making an afghan and Abby and Cate have been pestering her by playing with her finished product. While picking up a pizza for supper Callie asked me to go to Joann Fabrics for skeins of yarn. I wanted to find something that I could do with Abby while Mommy worked on her project. This is what I found.

I don’t have the artsy skills of Mommy so I have to find simple little projects to do with Abby. I spend so much time away from the house between classes, work and studying that I feel like I need to make up some quality time with Abby and Cate. It was  fun sewing together a little flower. We also have a butterfly, teddy bear, and a heart.

I know, I know. In one of my blogs I said I wanted to get Abby away from the girly girl things, but I couldn’t resist the thought of spending some time with Abby. Plus, I think Daddy is having just as much fun if not more fun than Abby. Daddy has to show some restraint, because if I didn’t ALL the projects would be finished already!!!!

Don’t worry. There will be many days of arts, crafts and sports in our future.

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